Find Medical Experts

The internet is a wonderful tool. With a couple of clicks you can find anything you want: reviews of car racing tracks, reviews of a London emergency dentist office, even a doctor that can help you get rid of your mole. Unfortunately, the popularity of the internet and the vast, overwhelming ocean of information it taps into means that your searches are often clogged by irrelevant results and advertising. To help you make the most of your time, here are some tips on how to find a medical professional from home.

Online Diagnosis

One of the more interesting advances in internet services in the past ten years or so is the explosion of websites that allow you to diagnose yourself online by comparing your symptoms with the website's database or conversing via email or web chat with one of their doctors. The idea is that you can find out what's wrong with you without ever leaving your apartment. Most are free, supporting themselves via advertising. The most popular sites include DiagnoseMe and YourDiagnosis.

Doctors in Your Area

The internet also makes it easy to find doctors in your area with the help of localized business listings searches. Of course, if you're looking for a naturopathic doctor you could look in the phone book, but if you don't live nearby you could have difficulty obtaining a copy. Another thing online search engines like Google and Bing have that phone books don't are reviews of the listed doctors from customers and a mapping service to help you get to their office.

Medical Research

Many people also need to find medical experts to get information for a research paper, book, or article. Old methods like cold calling local doctor's offices listed in the Health Care pamphlet have given way to e-research. Wikipedia is useful for those who are simply curious, but for more trustworthy information turn to the WebMD database, the Merk Online Medical Library or eMedicine, which contain professional peer reviewed articles and research.

Words of Warning

When conducting research, it's always best to cross check findings among several sources for accuracy. If you're looking for anger management help make sure the place you find online is reputable by checking its licensing with the local medical or psychiatry boards. Never attempt to treat a serious disease you have diagnosed yourself online. Always go to a real doctor.

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