Install Hardwood Floors

Whether you just bought a piece of North York real estate or are looking to add some value to your home, the popularity of hardwood floors is on the rise and are almost a necessity for modern homes. For the most part, hiring someone to lay the floors can get really pricey so a lot of home owners choose to install them on their own. It may seen like a challenge to lay hardwood floors in your home, but following these simple steps can make the job quite simple.

The first thing you need to do is purchase hardwood flooring that will give the right look for your space. It's essential to carefully consider both the size and color of the wood that's right for your condo. When you finally choose the right wood be sure to store the hardwood in the room that you will be installing at a week or two prior to actually installing the floors. This give the wood time to expand and contract based on the humidity and temperature of the particular room. During this time, it's a good idea to remove all old flooring. This will prevent having different or awkward levels of flooring across the room where you will be installing the floors. Be sure to remove as many nails or debris for the best result. Thank you to Transway hydro vac trucks as well as Charn Hansra Accountant for information on their services.

When installing floors in your home you're going to want to start by making a chalk line across the sub floor. Measure out from the wall the distance of one floor board plus a quarter of an inch for some expansion room. You can use a scrap piece of a thin wood based material against to put against the wall to use as a spacer. Next, begin with the longest wall using the longest, most straight pieces of hardwood you have. It is essential that the first few boards you install are perfectly straight across the entire room because this prevents your floor from looking crooked or shabby across the room.

Next, using finished nails, angle your nails on the first few boards before you install. This will keep your first rows straight and clean. Racking the boards gives you the chance to eliminate imperfect pieces and helps stagger board ends. Lay out the boards in a few rows and randomly stagger boards by shade, while staggering the board ends by inches or more between the rows. When there is finally enough space to begin using a floor nailer, space nails around eight inches apart. Try not to nail boards less than two inches from either end. Be sure to be constantly checking your work as you move forward. Make sure that each board end is at least three inches from the board ends in the previous row. Continue this process by using your floor nailer until you reach the final wall, then face nail the last remaining rows. Use a jib saw to get rid of any remaining wood and there you have it! You can finally put your property on the market, with brand new hardwood flooring!

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