Order Take Out

Dinner. It's often the most difficult part of the day. Between getting all your work done and picking up the kids, most modern parents just don't have time to cook. But don't worry, you don't have to go hungry. There are plenty of restaurants and eateries that will deliver your food right to your home, and you can order it online from your home computer or even from your smart phone while you're on the go. Here are the steps you'll want to follow when you're ordering takeout online.

Pick a Restaurant

Sometimes when you're working outside around your yard, you'll have such a craving for a specific type of food that you already know where to order from when the time comes. Other times it's not so simple. Look at the restaurant listings online or in the phone book for your area and look up their websites on your computer. Locally owned establishments will be hit or miss, but most of the major chain restaurants, like Swiss Chalet, Pizza Hut, and Boston Pizza will accept orders placed online.

Choose Your Dishes

At the very least the restaurant website should have a copy of the menu for you to browse. In a restaurant that allows you to order food and have it delivered to your home or office, you'll also have check mark or add to cart functions in your interactive menu so you can make your selections. You will usually be given a chance to review and correct it before submitting the form. Don't forget drinks and dessert unless you have some at home.

Submit an Order

And finally, you will be asked to submit your order. Clicking this button will send your order request to the restaurant's central processing department, where it will be sent on to the branch of the restaurant nearest to your house. Most restaurants, in addition to your delivery address, will also want a phone number in case there's a problem at the restaurant level (they've run out of chicken wings, they can't find your home, etc.) and they need to call for further instructions. They will not communicate through chat or email.


Different restaurants have different methods when it comes to payment. Some will ask for your credit card number during the order process so it can be charged. That way when the food arrives at your home all you have to do it tip the delivery boy. Others will simply take the order and request payment at the door. Remember to check for the debit at the door option if you don't have enough cash.

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