Party Planning

Just a few years ago, the only way to plan a party was to get out of your Bay and Bloor condos and trek all across the city arranging for decorations, food, music, and gifts for your event. Today, however, we have the internet. And while some people who are stuck in the past will insist you need face to face or even telephone time with your party subcontractors, the reality is that if you really want to plan a party from your home computer, you can do so without even getting up from your chair. Here's how:

The Food

Use Google or a directory to find a caterer in Toronto who has a decent website. Some independent caterers will, but often chain outfits, grocery stores, and caterers associated with convention centers will have the best internet avenues of communication. Some caterers have their menus right onlined for you to choose from but if they don't, fire off a few emails to the caterer and the two of you will have dates, foods, and prices nailed down in short order.

The Decorations

It can be especially hard to plan a summer party when its 30 degrees out and your home has air conditioning. Oakville party supply stores and party planners will deliver, though, so there's no need to go out. You can use a strictly online party supply company to order your decor or hire a party planning company through email or their website, but either way it's possible to have the decor delivered to your door or the door of the venue you've chosen.

The Help

Need a DJ to spin some tunes at the party? Need an outfit that does landscaping in Brantford to prepare your garden for guests? Require some servers for your sit down dinner? Not to worry, you can hire them easily over the computer. Almost everyone has a web presence these days, so all you have to do is fill out a form online or send an email to arrange for some help with your party.

The Guests

Buying and mailing the invitations to come to your wedding rental in Toronto is the one thing you can't do online, right? Wrong! There's no need to waste trees on paper invitations. You can create an email invitation or use a template and send it to all of your guests via email. Or, if it's a less formal event, you can simply create a Facebook event and invite all your friends that way.

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