Permits for Adding a Deck, Garage, Pool, and More to Your Toronto, Newmarket, or Thornhill Real Estate

Many first time home owners have the impression that once they've paid for their Toronto Real Estate Listings, it's theirs to do with as they see fit, but that's not strictly true. Canada has a complicated system of building codes that property owners must meet, so you may be subject to regulations on some of your plans for your property. For instance, if you decide do a renovation, add or subtract something from your home, or change how you use the structure, you may need a permit. Read on for more on activities that require permits.

Which activities require a permit will be different depending on where you live. Some renovations you can perform on Newmarket homes without a permit you wouldn't be allowed to do in Halifax and vice versa, so always check with your local planning office before you start work. If you don't, you may find that the city can stop your renovations, penalize you, or that you will have a lot of trouble selling your home when the time comes because you don't have the right papers.

Generally speaking, all new construction requires a permit, whether you're building a new home from scratch on a piece of land your Ajax real estate agent found for you, or you're just adding an extra bedroom onto your house. You'll also need a permit if you want to demolish all or part of a building that already exists (for example, a crumbling old shed in your back yard). You'll need a permit if you want to add a deck, garage, or fireplace to your house, install a pool, or erect a fence.

Not every renovation requires a permit, though. Many common interior renovations, such as updating your kitchen or bathroom, or replacing the insulation, are your purview as homeowner. You also don't need a permit to do certain exterior renovations to your Thornhill real estate, including re-shingling your roof, building a small shed, installing siding, or replacing your windows and doors. You only need a permit if you're going to be working on load bearing walls or making extensive plumbing and electrical changes.

How do you get a permit? It's as simple as going down to the local planning office and paying the fee. All they really need to know is that you're not going to be encroaching on anyone else's downtown Toronto real estate or breaking the zoning laws. Bring your plans with you and you'll be approved in only a few days.

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