Personalize Your Space

While living in condominiums may be the epitome of modern urban living, it is not without its drawbacks. Both the size and the style of many condominiums can pose a problem for people, particularly those who want to have a unique feel for their homes. Many condos can look similar to the one next door or just down the hall; how do you use minimal space to give your own condo a personal touch?

Well, you start out by thinking about what says home to you. If you have bought condominiums as power of sale properties for instance, your options are wide open. Odds are these living spaces have not been too well looked after; former owners gave up sensing the imminent foreclosure. That means you can go about taking up the floor, repainting the walls, and putting in new appliances that say you without worrying about the money wasted on replacing brand new appointments.

If you did just buy brand new real estate in the form of a condominium, your options are more limited. In this scenario, you are going to have to really focus on your personal sense of decor. We recommend looking at the situation from the ground up.

If you like the ease of hardwood floors but miss the comfort of a carpet, putting down some rugs can really help warm up the feel of your condominium. Rugs are particularly appropriate in the space you use as a living room. Select a round rug to help make the condo unit and other locations look quite a bit bigger. Colours and exact size are of course up to you.

Next, take a look at the types of furniture you are using around your condominium. A brand new unit means you want to decorate with a thought to the contemporary. Fortunately, there are enough modern designs out there to match anyone's tastes, from the avant garde to the sheer and business like.

Owners of lofts and open concept condominiums in the rest of the country have even more options. When you own a standard style condominium, your walls will be the next thing to receive a personal touch. If pictures are your thing, go ahead and hang them. Other items to consider are paintings and even mirrors.

With a loft condo, though, you actually get to create your own walls where you want them. Shelving units make great options, and of course what you store on them will be decorative items in themselves.

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