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The following content was presented by Dezan Social Media. Remember when you were a kid and the whole family would pile into the car on Sundays to drive around the neighborhood to see what new homes were up for sale? Or how your parents would stop at the window of the real estate agency to see if there were any home for sale? It's nice to know that nowadays, you don't need to bore the kids while you go house hunting. While they play in the backyard, you can simply plug in the computer, sign onto the internet and surf through your local MLS listings.

Like so many markets these days, there's no better place to advertise your condo real estate in Toronto, for example, than online. MLS listings have made life so much easier not just for buyers and sellers, but for real estate agents as well. No longer confined to a regional market, interested parties around the country, even the world, can search through the real estate listings and contact realtors in order to start the buying process. If you are interested in looking for a mortgage broker to help you get a loan on your dream home, may we suggest a mortgage specialist?

For those looking to sell their prime property, an MLS listing allows you to advertise your property in the most accessible way possible. No longer limited to newspaper ads and for sale signs in the front yard, interested buyers can find out all the preliminary information regarding your home and contact you within hours, even minutes, of posting online. If nothing else, MLS listings have significantly cut down on the amount of time your property needs to be on the market.

As a buyer, MLS listings allow you to not only search out your ideal property, but to compare what you find to other properties for sale. Having that kind of access will cut down how long you need to search and allow you to take the majority of footwork out of the search as well.

Though MLS listings have made things easier for buyers and sellers, no one has benefited from the change more than realtors. In addition to giving those in the business connectivity like never before, it offers a whole new form of advertising for realtors, giving them the opportunity to get their name out beyond billboards and bus bench ads. Having access to online listings also gives realtors an edge in client care as well, allowing them to show clients properties outside a realtor's local market. Take for instance Patrick Rocca, he is a real estate agent serving, Bayview Eglinton, Davisville Village and Leaside. Mr. Rocca says the MLS sure beats driving around the neighborhoods showing numerous properties, doesn't it?

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